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Building Self Awareness & Resilience - one step at a time

We look out for our younger generation by providing additional support through TY, senior school cycle, transition to 3rd level education and journey into the working world. 

For young adults, this can be a very daunting period as any parent knows. A period that can be fraught with anxiety and stress around exam performance, getting on to the next chapter after school, finding work or managing college life and starting the transition into early careers.

To help you navigate this uncertain period in life, we can offer you our career profiling coaching option on a one to one basis.

For groups we run self-awareness and development programmes designed particularly for this age group.

Our programmes focus on learning acceleration, commitment to action and motivation, building self confidence and resilience,  and developing proactive career behaviours and life skills.

What we can provide through our offerings are the key foundations stones that are designed to help you not only navigate but to thrive as you make your journey from school through 3rd level and/or on into your early career.

This type of learning builds muscle around self-confidence and resilience in a sustainable way for your future.

This support can give you the knowledge you need to take the helm when making important decisions, early career choices and the follow up action required.

With the right support and self knowledge students and also their parents can journey through this period with more ease, less stress and crises and a feeling of real ownership and alignment.



Supporting Our Younger Generations

Our aim is to support you as a young adult on your individual journey STARTING out into adult life.

If you are feeling stuck, cannot get to grips with your study, or where you want to go, then talk to us.

We have the philosophy that in life we shouldn't struggle continually and there is no need to.

We can talk to you and cater to your individual needs to help you unlock your full potential so you can STRIDE BEYOND.

Contact us to start your STRIDE journey today.


If you are feeling like you need to pause, from all the choices, take a breather and really assess where your strengths are, what really lights your fire and what you might be good at doing. If you want to get a little more  curious about you and where you are going, come and talk to us. We can definitely help. 

Self-awareness is a key factor when it comes to decision making. The earliest serious, often mind-boggling and sometimes very stressful decisions we make are as students, around subject choices, college courses and indeed early career roles.

These are early decisions, yes, however they can have very long-term consequences both financially and in terms of your happiness, if not taken with due care, consideration and with as much information and support as possible. Information about YOU and what lights your fire!

Therefore, it is important to get the right guidance at the right time.

Our career profiling assessment (Harrison) can help you, by providing a tried and tested assessment that produces a range of graphical easy to read reports to support you in your quest. 

​Harrison provides an in-depth analysis of your interests, task preferences, strengths, potential derailers, and work environment preferences.

The SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 personality and work preference factors in just 25 minutes and compares them to the behaviours and requirements for enjoyment and increased likelihood of success from over 700 careers.

Explore Careers You Will Love

Provides a list of careers and an indication of how likely you are to enjoy each career by comparing your career preferences and interests to the tasks and interests related to work satisfaction and success for a career path. There are 700+ careers listed, each with a percentage score in order of enjoyment. Shortlist the careers that sound interesting and use the Career Enjoyment Analysis report to investigate further into exactly what you will and will not like about that career.

Discover Your Genuine Strengths

The Your Greatest Strengths report describes the behaviours you already have that are genuine strengths for you. Some of the strengths described are paradoxical pairs of traits where two strengths seem to be opposites but in fact are complementary. These true strengths can provide you with an advantage in different situations.

Develop Your Career

We all need to continue to develop ourselves in order to maximise our performance and success. The Career Development report provides an overview of your preferred tasks, interests, interpersonal skills, motivations and leadership tendencies.

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One to One Coaching

We compliment career profiling and group training programmes by offering one to one coaching. 

One to one coaching can benefit you for choice making or finding a space with expert support to make sense of where you are and where you would like to go. 

The Harrison psychometric assessment normally forms a basis for our one to one career coaching. If you are having trouble picking subject options for school or college courses for example,

Harrison Assessments combined with one to one coaching will benefit you greatly. Harrison can match you with what you enjoy doing by assessing you against career areas and individual roles. With 6500 seed role profiles in the database we can match you with career areas and even specific roles based on what you as an individual enjoy.

As the research shows, it makes sense that you have much more chance of success when you are studying or working at something you actually enjoy and value.


START PROGRAMME: Career Support Programme

For:  TY to Early Career Cohorts

The START Coaching Programme is available from the 1st February 2021 and we are registering interested student groups and individuals now.

  • Career Profiling & Coaching:  best in class career analytics, career debrief and coaching session(s) to support subject option choices, college course choice or early career choices. (Part 1)

  • Tailored positive psychology coaching programme that can support students to build stronger performance capabilities, resilience and encourage and inspire them to stay on track &  motivated in the months leading up either exams, transition into college or their early careers workplace ((Part 11).

This coaching programme is uniquely designed for this age group using the best coaching tools and techniques available to provide a fun, innovative, experiential based learning environment that takes the student on a journey, that is all about them.

Students can choose to avail of the analytics only with the associated debrief and coaching session(s) or they can choose to continue on and complete the full 6 modules START programme which runs for 12 weeks. 

Call us to find out more.


This programme continues to deepen your self awareness and provides support to you in paving the way for your early career direction. Whether you are at college or entering the working world in other ways, such as apprenticeships or direct work experience or if you are taking a little time out to decide, this programme can support you in developing your direction and plan for the future and help you get there. This programme works on developing proactive career behaviours and will help you build a plan that is suitable to you as an individual.  We will help you to understand how to proactively engage with the working world of today and start working towards building your future career in easy and manageable steps.

Call us for more information or join one of our young adult group trainings today.


How It Works


Exploratory Session

Firstly, we offer you an hour exploratory session. This is free of charge.

This gives you a chance to see how we work and for us to understand more about your needs and how we can work together.

We will also look at which psychometric assessments may be useful for you. This session will also explore how the coaching will be delivered, eg: face to face or by skype, or a mix and the likely number of overall sessions needed.

Take Recommended Assessments

After the exploratory session, you will be able to take any recommended psychometric assessments that will help support your coaching. These will be sent to you usually by email. We will review the results of the assessments and prepare a debrief of the information. We share this debrief with you at the next coaching session.

Schedule & Attend Sessions

Now you can schedule your first session and subsequent sessions if you wish. Or, if a Group Training is recommended you can book a place on the next suitable course. If feasible, we prefer to do the very first one to one session face to face, in order to build a good rapport. Thereafter, we can offer phone / skype / zoom sessions if they are more convenient. Sessions may consist of various exercises to enhance your understanding. We will always ask your permission first before introducing an exercise, tool or technique to ensure you feel comfortable.

Practice Work

We co-create practice work that is useful for you between sessions to ensure you get the most from your coaching by practising changes you want to make. This is part of the commitment you will make to yourself. We want you to be able to walk away knowing how to make positive change in the future yourself. This is part of the commitment we make to you.  .

Review & Align

We continually confirm the progress by regularly taking your feedback on how you feel you are progressing. We can then make changes to approach or direction if required. Likewise, we will give you supportive, open and honest feedback when required. At the end of the agreed number of sessions we will assess the outcomes and agree if further sessions are required and how to move forward.

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