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Supporting Early Career choices today...

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Senior cycle and early careers transition can be a daunting period in the lives of our students and young adults as any parent knows. This period can be fraught with anxiety and stress around exam performance, managing college life and starting the transition into early careers. Often, we hear students say, 'I have no idea what I want to do at college' or ’ I am on x or y course but I have no idea what I will do when I leave college’. All too often this planning is left until too late, even the final year of college or beyond impacting the student as well as organisations looking for graduates. With change happening faster than ever before where career choice is concerned, students and parents often feel ill equipped to deal with today's career questions and performance stress. Organisations are not getting the graduate engagement they need. We see the struggles and pressures our youngest generation may face with self-awareness, confidence and resilience. We see the challenges they face with coping under the stress of exam performance and the changes early adult life brings, moving away to college or early working life. We see their lack of awareness and understanding in navigating that transition into the working world of today, choosing the right direction and staying the distance in their new roles due to their expectations not being met when they finally get there. This is not their fault. This is due in no small part to the action and in-action of our own generation. It is true our generation have parented too closely and perhaps this parenting style has over promised and over protected. But we wanted to give them the best. It is also true that today's organisations, with the previous generations of leaders are grappling to step out of the regime of old cultures and embrace a new young workforce. A new generation that places higher expectations on their leaders. A new generation that demands, as do we, that the organisations of today care about them and protect them. This generation want leaders to care not only about commercial gains but about society and our planet as well and show this care in the genuine actions they take. While organisations make this transition, the reality is they will under deliver, under care and under protect. This leaves our younger generation disappointed and vulnerable and our organisations vulnerable as well. A large chasm currently exists between what this new generation expect and believe in and what most organisations can currently come to grips with and deliver. This is a chasm that needs to be bridged. It has resulted in the 'gig' culture or job-hopping new generation of today. Indeed this cycle can start as early as college with course changes. This is costing parents significantly in new course costs and repeat years not covered by grants. It is costing organisations in talent management, retention and recruitment costs as early career entrants change jobs more frequently than generations before them. It is costing our young people in chipping away further at their confidence, self belief and resilience, as well as their belief in the society we live in and their ability to influence and change it. Our aim is to try in some small ways to help bridge this gap. We want to start with our young people by supporting them to connect with their resources through building their self-awareness, their self-confidence, their resilience, their motivation to action and their patience. We want to build their awareness of the multi-generational cultures they will be working in and what roles are available to them and suitable for them. The result we want is that our young adults 'Stride Beyond' these issues and feel more confident, resilient, fulfilled and independently stable as they transition through senior school years and into their early career life. If they are more informed and conscious of themselves, what they enjoy and what they value, then they are more confident in the choices they make and more resilient towards the uncertainty and change today's 'VUCA' world brings. If you are a student or parent, needing this type of support please get in touch ...we would like to help, through our one to one coaching and our specially designed START and STRIVE Programmes.

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