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How a small ADVENTURE can CHANGE your MIND around

TODAY, the first of February, the first day of our Spring and I had committed to getting back in the open water today. What a fantastic way to step into Spring 2020. My body was yearning for this and my mind was begging me. The last week has been a bitter-sweet week. A week of reconnection and of loss. I travelled to London late last week to spend a few days with my BFF, who was in Europe from Australia on business. We have known each other since the age of 4. A life-time of deep friendship and sisterhood. Many ups, some downs, shared heartbreak and shared dreams. At the age of 8, we promised each other we would be bridesmaids for each other, and we both kept that commitment despite being at opposite ends of the world. Our plan in London was to meet up with another old and good friend of ours from our days at the Virgin head office in London where we all used to work in the 80's. Life-long bonds, despite gaps in our contact, were formed. The sort of bonds that are never broken and where conversations just pick up where they left off last time. Unfortunately and heartbreakingly, this friend was too ill to see us that Thursday and has since passed away on this Tuesday morning, 28th January 2020. A beautiful, quirky, funny light in our lives has gone out. I am thankful to have seen her last February for a weekend, when she was in better spirits and again just before Christmas when we had our last deep conversation together, about life and death and love. This is when life takes a turn that is hard, hard to understand and hard to accept. Sadness is around every turn and the tears are hard to keep away and sneak up on you when least expected. I was glad therefore to head for the water of the lake this morning and immerse myself in HER cold truth. A shock was needed to pull my mind and my body back from the sleepless nights this week that have been speckled with sadness and loss and the facing once again of the fear of our own mortality. The lake always gives a freshness, a softness in her lapping around you, almost holding you. But she provides also an exhilaration, a deep feeling of being intensely alive and her cold water this morning just enhanced that feeling even more. She rendered a shock back into the present and the miracle of life and living was provided without any doubt of what she was trying to communicate to me.

Being a 'body' type, I feel everything intensely through the body first. So, this is my micro-adventure, my constant way to reconnect with myself, with nature and with my present. Taking a little time out to do something just for yourself that enlivens you, that reconnects you intensely to your meaning, your own little secret, your own little adventure, is a gift to give yourself. You don't have to go far. I travel a few miles down the road for mine. You don't have to spend money. You don't need lots of equipment or people. You just need yourself and your COMMITMENT. How do you micro-adventure? How do you regain your presence in your present?

This post is dedicated to Sandy... whose light will never go out in our hearts. Rest in peace my brave and beautiful friend x

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