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Building Empathy & Perspective - one team at a time

We help organisations become just a little more obsessed with their people by encouraging them to develop their people to be at their natural best.

The team of today is different, made up of core employees, 3rd Party contractors, technology partners and they span multiple generations. This can bring great diversity to tap into yet, this can also bring great challenges.

Continually developing your people, from the moment they are on-boarded, whilst maintaining a robust engagement barometer across all teams, particularly those mission critical roles is key to maintaining your business performance.

Research clearly shows that happy engaged people, who are content in their roles contribute significantly to revenue growth and to customer satisfaction. 

According to a LinkedIn survey on recruitment in 2015, 86% said their recruiting organisation focused “very much so” or “to some extent” on passive candidates; that means targeting recruitment at candidates who are not actively looking for a new role. Recruiters know that the vast majority of people are open to moving at the right price: Surveys of employees find that only about 15% are not open to moving. 

Now more than ever it is crucial to keep your star performers happy and motivated by developing them through supportive training and coaching interventions that help them to manage the changes they face, especially in these challenging times.

Development programmes help your team to learn about themselves and each other and your business. They promote flexibility, responsibility and a growth mind set.

Couple this with great managers that understands each individual within their team and actively engage them in their roles, then you are set to increase your productivity and retain your best talent.

What can support this journey through our integrated consulting, coaching and training offerings.

Teams that are poorly connected, affect your BOTTOM LINE. This impact is not only financial but it is with increased drama and conflict that can cause ripples across your organisation. Ripples that can find their way to your CUSTOMERS, affecting relationships and resulting in lost contracts.

We help you support the creation of high-trust team cultures; teams that are more aware; of themselves, each other and the systems they impact. These team are more responsible; creative and fun because they really get the connections they are making at a much deeper level.

They really understand how they contribute to your organisation's  bottom line and take pride in the positive impacts they are having on the wider performance of your organisation.

This is the SPACE we work in - CONNNECTING your talent with each other and with your business goals.



Supporting Today's Teams

Our aim is to support continued self-awareness as a means to growth, improvement and responsibility.

We cater to each client organisations needs so you unlock the full potential of your people at all levels of your organisation.

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Team Self-Awareness & Development Training

Research is providing consistent evidence on the significance of this cornerstone in our own development.

Self-awareness impacts your organisation’s bottom line. Studies of companies with strong performance tend to have employees who have more highly developed levels of self-awareness. Our programmes help you:

  • find clarity around where you fit; how you are connected with yourself; your team colleagues and the wider systems you belong to and impact; (other teams; customers)

  • develop a culture of psychological safety within the team that encourages learning and growth

  • gain clarity; consistency and collaboration around your team's priorities

  • understand your processes, how they work and where they need improving

  • develop capabilities that enable you to pin-point conflict (task; process or relationship) and manage it, to your advantage to drive better performance and team work

  • understand the team strengths and work the team to a position of playing to and acknowledging individual strengths and contribution

  • develop resilience to set backs

  • develop and observe the team culture and keep it alive to the changes within the environment; 

  • develop team temporal positioning to balance your view of the past, present and future journey of your team

​The more we are consciously aware of ourselves and the whole systems to which we belong; the better we can avoid harmful habits that expend energy in the wrong direction, cause unnecessary team conflict or drama and affect performance. 

Building robust, solid teams that are aware of the systems in which they work and impact is a unique and much-needed solution to tomorrow’s challenges.

Are your teams future ready?

Project Team Performance Acceleration 

This programme is particularly geared towards project and delivery teams. Project teams as a temporary endeavour are made up of individuals who sometimes do not even know each other, or do not regularly work together. They need to transition through the forming, storming, norming and performing team growth cycle at a much faster and more intense rate than regular teams.

This programme offers supports in accelerating team performance by building trust early on in team formation. It works uniquely by ensuring the team touch all the bases of the team growth cycle as they normally would, but instead of being unaware of the dynamic of the cycle we work to surface this dynamic to where the team can take responsibility to create and conscious growth pattern. This enables the team to:

  • understand and accept the dynamic they are experiencing as the normal curve to performance,

  • learn how to recognise the behaviours that may impact their success, take responsibility and improve them or adjust them 

  • encourage and foster acceleration of the growth curve

  • be able to deal with conflict and friction with less reaction and drama

  • build resilience and trust as well as agility, pace and creativity 

One to One Coaching

We compliment group training programmes by offering one to one coaching. One to one coaching can benefit individual team members to act as a sounding board as they journey through the team development programme, increasing individual development and personal growth.

Psychometric Assessment

We can offer supportive psychometric assessments for all coaching offerings. All assessments look at individual or team-based performance assessing, strengths, areas for development and behaviours.

We are a partner for Harrison Assessment Talent Lifecycle Solutions. Harrison provides Predictive Analytics offering a wide range of reports across the career lifecycle; all reports are very graphical and easy to interpret. Examples:

  • Traits and Definitions: highlights Key Strengths, Interests, Behavioural competencies and Engagement and Retention factors

  • Paradox Report: highlights 12 Paradoxical quadrants; identifying strengths and areas for development across the lifecycle of INITIATION; MOTIVATING; IMPLEMENTING AND MAINTAINING. It provides behavioural competencies and stress reactions when under pressure across the competency areas of: INTERPERSONAL; ACHIEVEMENT AND LEADERSHIP.

  • Leadership / Emotional Intelligence Analysis: highlights 10 key competency areas of development to becoming an effective and Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

  • Job Success Analysis Report: analyses role fit ie Right Person /  Right Role prediction, providing key insights into role placement for the individual; measuring and comparing an individual's behaviours and traits to a specific role criterion and it can predicts their probability of success within that role based on enjoyment factors.

All reports provide key essential data to inform decisions right across the employment life-cycle; from entry role suitability during on-boarding, to lateral moves, promotions and succession planning within your organisation.

Employee Retention & Engagement / Role Fit Development

According to Gallup, companies fail to choose the right talent for the role 82% of the time. Having the wrong manager for a role accounts for at least 70% difference in employee
engagement and productivity.

Accurate employee analytics coupled with expert coaching will support you to assess you people and ensure they are: 

a) in the right role for their strengths

b) confirm where they may need support

c) work to engage and retain your top talent 

This process aims to accelerate success in the role by highlighting both strengths and weaknesses, working on the best of what is and understanding where development is required.

Another frequent benefit is a more engaged and energised workforce who understand how they contribute and who are geared to succeed.

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Career Coaching Session

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.

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The Process



We work with the sponsor and team lead to understand what is required, agree the scope of the work, agree aspects of confidentiality and formalise the feedback process.


We use various techniques including one to one interviews, team workshops and surveys to understand underlying themes, goal priorities and provide input into the programme design. We take care to look for the priority conversations that are required within the team.

Design & Delivery

We co-create the programme design with you. We agree what psychometric assessments may be useful to gain insights and accelerate starting points. We then confirm the delivery timeframe and schedule and facilitate your programme delivery.

Review & Align

We provide ongoing review of the programme and continually align elements where and when required. It is important to check-in with direction and confirm delivery and mission are still aligned all the way through to the end.

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