Paving the Way

In an effort to support clients achieve breakthroughs, STRIDE-BEYOND has carved a unique coaching journey that is both belief and behavior-based. It addresses the skillset as well as the mindset and full embodiment of change.

We believe in providing an oasis for busy people, to reflect and to tune into their own uniqueness, so that they can regroup for their next STRIDE forward.

The Foundation Stone

Self Awareness & Development

We understand that for coaching to be really successful it is about self- awareness, self improvement and taking responsibility for change, first of all.

Self-awareness creates the possibility for change and is a means of achieving all goals, not just those goals you will work on with us.


The Bridge Stone

Creating Space for Change

We know also, that change must be embodied as well as accepted by the mind so we work with you at that level of experience and create the right space where change can happen.

This ensures change is made holistically, is aligned with your purpose and values and is sustainable for the future.

Image by Pedro Lastra

The Touch Stones

Creating the Plan, Commitment & Intention

Laying down the pathway forward with a set of solid and conscious commitments is a major stepping stone to making change actually happen. When we draw our attention to what we are actually getting, versus what we say we want, we increase our ability to take responsibility for the results and work out what and how to change.

This is about raising awareness around conscious and sub-conscious choice patterns and their origin. We work with you by bringing into conscious awareness what may be hidden and blocking your intent to change or to take action. You will be able to locate your origin and then lay down the elements that will help you to build muscle and grit in terms of taking up your responsibility. You will then be ready when your courage and determination are tested.

When things start to get tough on the road, you will have your Touch Stones to fall back on to help you find your current origin and guide you back onto your path and into action again.  


The Stepping Stones

Taking Action

You will learn how to take those first steps. Change can be challenging,  testing and a little scary and we recognise that. Taking those very first steps can bring us face to face with the dreaded 'terror barrier' and this can test our belief. We show you how to get going on those first starting actions and then build momentum along the way until you are in full flow and in a place where change is wonderful! The work you have done along the way will keep you aligned with your journey. We will be there to motivate and challenge you and keep you on track as long as you need us.

Image by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis

The Cap Stone

Continued Exploration

Life is a continued journey and where is the fun if the learning ever stops? There is so much more to explore! So much more to harness. Continuing to develop ourselves as individuals is a life's work, a true work of art.

We believe in a journey of balance and continued exploration. So keep touching the Cap Stone, keep adding the finishing touch. Here, you will discover the magic that will help you continually EVOLVE, EXPAND and EXCEED!

Image by Roberto Nickson