Building Vision, Inspiration and inclusion ... one project at a time...

We like to give a little back. We promise to provide a number of hours each year to support a number of projects with pro bono coaching or consulting expertise. If you are a community, voluntary organisation, school or college with a project in mind ... read on.  We can facilitate the development of your vision, goals, values and plans and develop teams delivering on those plans. Making change can be challenging. Managing that change through to delivery can mean changing hearts and minds and even old belief systems or identities and creating new ones.  We can support the change process by supporting the teams delivering in the community to be more aware of how to effect change successfully so the change is sustainable and believed in. We can support you by not only working together but working together by leading change consciously.



Supporting Passion in Your Community

Our aim is to give a little back by supporting projects that give a little back. We can help by enhancing local skills with our coaching and delivery expertise. We commit to a number of hours annually to help your project succeed and to help foster relationships that unlock the full potential of your communities people and projects.

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Vision, Values and Planning Facilitation

We can facilitate you in identifying a clear vision, set of values and an action plan for your project.

Leadership Skills

Often in communities you find yourself trying to lead a vision and wondering if anyone is following. We can work with team leads to develop leadership and communication skills, that can enhance the work you are doing in the community.

 Project Delivery Expertise

Often it can be hard to lead the vision, do the networking, gather support and manage the project. We can help you with project planning, delivery, risk assessment and project management expertise.


The Process



We work with your group to understand your needs and agree what we can do to help.

Design & Delivery

We co-create the programme design with you. We use various workshops to drive out the vision, values and plans and provide input into the programme design. We take care to look for the priority conversations that are required within the group. We confirm the delivery timeframe and schedule and then facilitate the delivery of your plans with you.

Review & Align

We provide ongoing review of the programme and continually align elements where and when required. It is important to check-in with direction and confirm delivery and mission are still aligned all the way through to the end.

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