My approach is to encourage self compassion and awareness as a means to continuous, sustainable improvement and growth.


Coaching Approach

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At STRIDE-BEYOND we work using Transformational and Systemic principles which means facilitating growth and change on a deeper and more sustainable level.

Other coaching approaches, might work with you collaboratively on your goals and objectives. Transformational and Systemic approaches will do this too but can go further by looking at you as an individual or team in the whole systems to which you belong, to effect real and lasting change.

This generates a totally new space and perspective for you. 

When working in this way we create a really rich and informed space that offers you an individual experience for a huge range of purposes and possibilities.

This is what we mean by Transformational. We see coaching as more than the achievement of a goal. Yes we do that too!  However, we look at the transition journey you must undertake to achieve that goal, so next time you know how to get there.

In line with this approach, I have developed the (©2019) STRIDE-BEYOND coaching framework, which supports exactly this way of working.

This approach includes working not only with the mind, but with the body and spirit as well, seeing them all as interconnected and involved in the process.

When we deal only with the mind, we don't engage our feelings, our instinct or our energy. This leaves many aspects of our BEING out of the equation. These aspects are our true POWER HOUSES. These aspects will get us started on our goal, make sure we are going in the right direction for us, keep us fired up and motivated and get us over the finishing line. 

This is working with all our RESOURCES.

Change starts with the self, from within and from where we are TODAY.

When we start with these concepts we form the FOUNDATION stones for any transformational journey and for achieving what we set out to do.

When we create space for change, in this way, space around our experiences and interactions and use our WHOLE BEING, towards our efforts, this allows us another view of the world, one that maybe we haven’t seen in a while. One where we can see ourselves anew… in a new light with new resolve and with renewed energy.

This space feels very different. This space allows the light of possibility to come in and the SHIFTS we desire to take place.

When we come to understand that the shifts happen from within, not from the outside, when we engage with the WHOLE of us, with all our RESOURCES, this changes everything.

Our whole ORIENTATION changes to a place where we realise that influencing our inner world is how we really support our own growth, well-being and achievements. This is when we start to work in HARMONY with ourselves and with the WHOLE systems we belong to.

This is equally as true for the individual, for teams and for organisations undertaking change.

What we offer you is a safe SPACE, EXPERTISE and SUPPORT for your UNIQUE journey.



STRIDE-BEYOND is innovative in it's approach to coaching.

We embrace diversity and as a result work in HARMONY with other coaching colleagues and well-being professionals, richly blending capabilities to deliver unique training programmes.

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How we are Responsible 


We believe life is a journey, an experience. We aim to provide you with the best experience in the coaching journeys we provide.


We believe that everything requires balance. We seek to provide coaching journeys that touch your heart, challenge your mind and body and connect you with your soul.


TRUST means everything to us. Confidentiality within the coaching relationship is paramount to us.  We also keep our approach honest, open and to the point without exception.


Our aim is to provide you with learning that goes beyond the work you do with us. We want you to learn how to achieve the changes you want now and in the future.


We will always seek to use what is new, fresh and creative and what works for you. We promise to always pursue the boundaries, striding to go beyond, so that you can too.


If there is no fun what would be the point? To laugh is to enjoy, to enjoy is to expand, to expand is to grow. We guarantee to fill your cup.

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